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Campus Selection & What should be your Goal in Choosing a Company

Seen interview candidates (on campus selection) obsessed with Big Brand companies and huge salary packages. There are some colleges who are placing Qualified Engineers inside BPOs because of the same reason. While I am not against getting placed in BPOs, it should be an informed choice. If an Engineering graduate thinks he/she is entitled to a huge salary package just because he/she has completed Engineering Graduation, they are going to face a huge shock when they enter the job market. The big token companies can run experiments on new joinees to get the Cream Crop and cull them as and when they please. The BPOs have a different business model, when you can process some stuff, you generate revenue - so hiring with huge sales package is a no-brainer. But for core companies & companies who are just starting to get the grip of business, the huge pay packages for Freshers is a distraction. They need contributing Engineers to be well paid and managed, not the experiments of Freshers …

How to Approach Life & Win it!

Its easier said than done. I am trying, maybe because I want to create the change from within myself to those around me. When you say you want to go up, you need to say that I have to increase my worth so much that there is no other way than UP.
But most of the time this isn't what we see. What we see is that others are growing, and this somewhat pushes us down. The fact of the matter is we look up to someone from the Top to pull us up. This type of attitude is always wrong. When you want to go UP, you have to raise UP, otherwise there is nobody who is going to give you the respect you deserve.
Yes, you deserve respect, not PITY. You will be pulled up only if you get PITY. If you raise up, everyone says that you deserve this and that provides respect.
So how to raise up, can the government policy get me up. NO, NEVER. A Government is there to manage things. For them to easily manage anything, they need to have a steady state. That is stable income from direct & in-direct taxe…