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Are there Miracles happening in this World ?

Most of us have a simple rule to believe what we see, not a bad idea at all! But some of us have a notion that there is a bigger force in the world which controls everything. For those of us who believe in such a superior being, it is not very difficult to perceive things in the spiritual manner and see miracles. But for those of us who don't believe in superior power, the miracles are damn co-incidences.

For some of us atleast there is always a moral dilemma to belong to both the sects. They are non-believers but don't want to accept that everything happens for a damn reason as well. They want to believe man as well as God so they just follow what their perception tells them to believe.

Now, I would like to just narrate an incident which happened in my life and want those of you who read just make your own conclusions about a superior being or God. 

One fine day, just like any other day, I started on bike (by bike I mean a 2 wheeled automobile) to go to the office. From when I s…