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Journey or Destination ?

I have always believed Journey should be enjoyed rather than waiting for the Destination. In my belief, Journey is the Life and Destination is whatever is in store for us After Life. Lately I have been mulling each and every aspect of our life is a journey & a destination in itself. For example, take Education - for most of us Graduation is kind of the destination of the journey we call schooling. So it becomes inevitable that we have to enjoy schooling rather than just focus on graduation. Thus, we will be able to enjoy one of the most fruitful time in our lifetime, our childhood, adolescence and youth.

The same can be for just an year in school, the destination is to move on to the next grade. And the journey is the whole year in school itself. If you don't enjoy what you do in school everyday, even if we move on to the next grade, it doesn't matter. We will carry a little bit of void.

This also applies to finding Love. While finding an everlasting Love is the destiny of courting, if we don't enjoy courting and practice self-imposed rules while courting - you won't actually find the right Love. For example, if you mask what you think of yours as bad-habits to catch an attractive partner, the partnership might not end in a way that you expect. But if you act the way you are, there is more chance to get the right partner for the partnership you need. Thus the journey might also influence the destination and the fruits of it.

The Journey & the Destination both are important, but it is more important to enjoy the journey to have a great time in your Destiny.


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