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Is Fasting Necessary to Fight Corruption

I was having a sick day following all these Fasting Protests by very educated & well-intentioned leaders of this great nation so I started a thread of Twitter posts which stated my anguish in these scenarios. The following is an extended version of that anguish.

Is Fasting truly necessary to fight corruption, won't refusal to pay bribe & discouraging corrupt practices in our day-to-day life be a more relevant revolution. I would certainly recommend those who are fasting to fight corruption to form a "People Vigilance Cell" and monitor all govt. & private organizations for bribing & corrupt practices & publish them in the media. Be a Corruption Watchdog instead of wasting our time being a cultural, moral, lame protest, silly PIL or sometimes watchdogs whose main aim is create publicity.

Fasting is inaction, we need action to reform this corrupt nation. In every nook & corner, we need people who would refuse to bribe, monitor if any sort of bribing …

Perfectionism & Being Perfect

I have been intrigued by perfectionism. I have heard people say that I am wasting a lot of resources on getting perfect. Why do you follow perfectionism.

Read a passage recently which mentioned the obsessive efforts put in by Stanley Kubrick for each of his films. He was obsessed with every frame of his picture that he was forced to take lot of effort from his actors to make the take perfect. This ended up getting a lot of takes out of his cast. Which means a lot of work! I believe in this efforts striving for perfectionism, even if there was a continuity error, the cast would have been forced to do another take with no fault of theirs.

The passage also mentioned how Jack Nicholson (Oscar winning actor of 'As Good as it Gets') remarked Kubrick, "just because you are a perfectionist does not mean you are perfect.". What kind words to hear when someone is obsessively working hard to attain perfectionism, not for the sake of it, but to leave an everlasting mark on an indu…