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Tolerant People of India

Indians may be the most tolerant people in the entire world. I am being mentioned there are still villages in Indian country where there is still no electricity while our luxurious few waste it in ravishing excesses. But this post is not about luxury. The luxury of electricity is possible because these people have grown in their efforts and their lifestyle demands such luxury. They totally deserve it. This post is about the governance of such resources who don't plan for these growth in demands, but still play with the electricity needs of the people who are more helpless (or more tolerant) than the elite.

Since election our house and our entire area has been suffering minor blackouts (sometimes longer ones) and low-voltage current supplies throughout. It was not the way before elections. The city of Chennai was immune to those stuff before elections. Now after elections we are thrown into the equality of the state, which has already been suffering the same spite through the last …