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Google's Way or The High Way

Google is a very powerful organization. Google is working as the initial source of organic as well as marketed entry point for most of the websites. Google was, is and will use this power to its benefit as well as for the benefit for the millions of websites available in the Internet. Boy even I have visited a website only after searching it via Google rather than remembering the website name (Its been cumbersome to sometimes remember the website domain names, since there are so many).

Google still has the power to remove one of the websites from its indexes, throwing all traffic which was generated to this website 'kaput'. That is a very big power to have. Similar power for the social search is getting in the hands of Facebook. Google and Facebook are Enterprises who will definitely have the bottomline pressures on each and every organization. We have seen time and again, when such power is vested in individual interests, people suffer.

The recent events relevant to Yelp seem…

Need not Fear the Cloud

There is a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) being published on cloud. But as truth goes, its as secure as any other Server put on in the Internet. We have been securing data centers for decades now, hence, to doubt or fear with regards to security of another group of Servers on the Cloud is definitely uncalled for.

This doesn't mean if you put a Server on the cloud, there is nothing to worry about it. This does mean that you have to take the exact same precautions as you would do if you put one of your systems inside your internal network to be connected from anywhere across the internet.

What all would you do to secure a system on the Internet or Cloud?

1. First and Foremost in security, you would isolate the system which you are putting on the internet such that if and only if the system gets compromised it doesn't affect the other systems in our local network.

2. You would apply firewall rules to open up particular secure ports such that the Users can communicate w…