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Know when to Teach & when to Coach

What's the difference I say ?

This is the difference,

Teaching is informing the student about a fact and making him learn the fact. Coaching is letting him figure out what could be it !

When you teach, you actually list out what is known. For example, we tell the student that there is one Sun and 9(err, may be less) planets in the Solar system. Coaching is providing a few facts and letting him figure out how such facts were arrived at and what was the reasoning.

Really, only if a student carries out a practical chemical experiment does he now that Iron when exposed to atmosphere rusts because Ferric Oxide deposits are formed. He has to understand how it occurs naturally and also how it could be induced in an artificial environment. Such that he actually understands the process.

No amount of equations, theory, explanation, architecture diagrams can actually provide him the same experience. In sports, it is practically unima…