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Teaching Children is Education for the Parents

I have noticed that India is the only country which treats son/daughter as children even after they have grown up, got married and have children of their own. We as parents think it is necessary to support our offspring till the ability of us to do so. This inculcates a sense of dependency on the offspring which is often very difficult when they are unable to take care of themselves. Parents are the ones creating such situation by providing all the support they can give. So in a sense letting go the children to grow up on their own and make their own destiny as done in most other countries is one of the salient aspects of parenting. You need not just let go at some age randomly without equipping them with skills which are needed. But inculcate the values and skills they need to cope up in this hard world.

Talking about skills, money management skill is one of the greatest skills we need to teach our children at a very young age.

How to teach children the real value of Money? It is a …