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Reach the Potential

I am a person who believes in destiny, potential, paybacks and freakier things than I am about to discuss. Each and every person has a purpose in life. Whether he/she has a purpose or not is for the individual to decide, but I do believe when they trust it, they just are one more step closer to achieving it.

Why is it necessary to reach your Potential?

I have always felt someone who has potential as we see it, but, don’t use it as a bigger sinner than the one who tries and fails. Maybe the person doesn’t know or understand his/her potential. In that case, if we don’t assist him/her in the pursuit then, we are the ones who have sinned. I am perennially worried about a Sloth, who knows what to do, but doesn’t do it. And make sure that I am not doing the same.

My Potential

Each and every individual is bestowed upon with some gifts, which can push them towards a goal. Some believe in it, others don’t. I believe I am destined to doing what I do, being a software professional. Thinking, visua…