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Sometimes Updates are fun to Add

Here I am with yet another update, seems to me I am doing a lot of updates lately. Need to cut down on this and start increasing the productivity of our company.

And fun things apart, this was a week, which saw a lot of drama in my life. First as always was with my baby girl. She accidentally pulled a chair which her mother was seated on (just as she got up) and hit herself on the fore-head with the chair. This caused a big cut on her eyebrow and had to be stitched. See the facts of life, I didn't come under the stitching till I was 8 years old. Now, she is not even 4 years old, she underwent a stitch on her fore-head. Life is just like that. It is like all bad luck which had followed me and restricted me from having some serious fun has now started haunting my little kid.

From her birth, each and everyone who had seen her had mentioned how lovely her eyebrow was. Now, part of her eyebrow within the stitched wound won't grow. See how cruel it is for her at such a young age. Lif…

Some days are pretty nostalgic

For most of our college mates, their journey through the special college life began today, 10th of July 1996.

For me, Yogi and few others the batch started on Aug 16 1996, I still soak with memories of all the happiness I felt on that very first day. It was a great feeling to see how an Engineering College will look like, which was not much different from the school we were used to.

The fact remains I didn't understand which class we were attending, when I entered the class and started listening. I asked the fellow nearby(who accompanied me in my bench) for which class this is. He told he didn't know. I thought it was Chemistry and started taking notes. I was asking most curious questions at the same person throughout the period, but he said didn't know or sometimes didn't answer. At times I thought this fellow is being a little cruel and doesn't like me taking place beside him.

At the end of the class (it was the fourth hour), we were breaking for lunch, I asked fo…