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Is this the Next Update ??

So I am here again with another update. With all things going fine my daughter is about to start going to school again. This time it is the Junior Nursery or the LKG, as everyone prefers to call it. See the predicament, she will be in Senior Nursery next year. Today we went in and got her uniform colors, which she might be wearing for the rest of her school life (only the colors). As usual she was in excited mood, and I and my wife startlingly woke up early in the morning to do this good deed.

From monday onwards, it should be a daily chore to drop her out at school. I am not sure whether I would be involved in this chore, but certainly wouldn't harm to do it once in a while. Certainly looking forward to some exciting times ahead.

At some other news, I, my wife and daughter along with my mother-in-law and other in-laws went to Kerala [Trichur] to attend a marriage. It was one of the memorable trips in the recent past. The one trip in the almost five long years of marriage, I couldn…